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Are you a saddle maker? Do you do leather work on the side or as a full time job? We offer a low minimum first order of $250 to receive all of our amazing Rockin Out Hardware at HALF of the retail price!! If you are interested in becoming a member of our Wholesale Hardware Group, please give us a call at the shop (817)513-7240 You will need to provide your general information and Tax ID number. You can build your first order using the retail pricing adding up to $500 (this will be $250 once your order is put in using wholesale price) please have SKU#s and quantities ready when calling to place your first order and set up your account over the phone. Once your first initial order has been placed and your account has been set up, you will be able to login to your account and order with ease while you will only be able to see the wholesale pricing for any hardware orders. WE ARE A MADE IN USA COMPANY AND PROUD OF IT! 

Rockin Out Hardware can be seen used in rodeo arenas to horse shows, by everyone up to the top professional cowboys and cowgirls in the NFR. Rockin Out can produce large quantities of hardware for even the biggest companies, but is designed to be affordable enough for even the hobbyist leather-smith. We encourage you you take a look through the hardware we have available for purchase and integrate it into your next masterpiece. We are always designing and coming up with new and interesting ways to embellish saddles, bridles and other tack.

If you are interested in having a custom/exclusive piece (concho,buckle,etc) made here is what you need to know: There is $250 set up fee per 1 custom master/mold to be made and you have to order a minimum of 144 pieces per master/mold for the first order. So, lets say you want a custom 1.5" concho made for your company: you would need to pay the $250 set up fee and then order 144 of that concho for the first order. 1.5" conchos are 4.99 a piece wholesale so with the set up fee and 144 of them for the first order you are looking at around $970.00. After the first order is placed, you can order as many or few as you'd like. 

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